Eaton Krone reviews “Bits And Pieces” by Dawn Hosmer

I always find it a real treat when a book manages to send chills down my spine, which made Bits and Pieces by Dawn Hosmer… well, a real treat for me – the kind of chills evoked by the likes of Dean Koontz in some of his psychological suspense masterpieces.

The premise behind this book is so fresh: Tessa was born with a gift (or rather a curse, from her point of view), which allows her to pick up flashes of colour from most people she touches – each colour representing something different, such as pain, a talent, a premonition, or even a memory, be it pleasant or horrifying. Unfortunately, the latter is exactly what she gets as she obtains the memories of a serial killer, along with the dark desires that motivate this faceless stranger and the haunting faces of the victims during their final moments. And while Tessa’s been used to losing bits and pieces of herself to others from a young age, the ghost of this particular encounter may devour everything in its path. And not just her sanity or her life, but also everything she believes in – even her very soul.

With Bits and Pieces, Hosmer takes you on a rollercoaster ride through the carnival of madness; a journey that left me wondering what I would have done had I been in Tessa’s shoes. Would I have survived losing every bit of myself that made me… me?

You can see the author had to flip off the safety catch in writing this story, wholly embracing the darkness where others might have kept a night light on. And I enjoyed every second of it.

PS: At the time I wrote this review, Hosmer was facing her own darkness; a serial killer that claims the lives of millions every year. A faceless enemy with no regard for race, age, or gender. Good luck in this fight against cancer, Dawn. My hopes, thoughts, prayers, and whatever else you may need, are at your disposal.



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