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Eaton Krone is a revolutionary inventor with a full head of hair, impeccable handwriting and only one wish in life: that at least one of these things could be true in some alternate reality. In the current reality, Eaton is a sci-fi comedy author, which will have to do.

Two decades ago, Eaton hit pause on his planned writing career to slave away in the fields of journalism, PR/communications and advertising – the latter devouring almost three quarters of his career-history pie chart along with a big chunk of his sanity. He’s done nearly everything copy- and language-related, from writing and editing to translation and proofreading across a wide spectrum of media. His journalism and copywriting qualifications are in a box somewhere. His debut novel, A Life Spectacular, is now available at a click, tap or thought.*

Although he’s elated to resume his journey as an author, Eaton strongly denies being the author of his own life, as it’s riddled with way too many errors and scenes that cannot be edited or (more preferably) deleted. As a cancer survivor with the superhuman ability to wiggle his ears (without touching them, mind you), Eaton spends his free time reading, gaming and dreaming of getting a kayak for him and his girlfriend, with whom he lives in Johannesburg, South Africa. He likes horses, although he’s still not convinced he can trust them …

* The latter method probably won’t be available anytime soon but, for the time being, clicking and tapping remain perfectly viable options.